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What kind of skin problems can we treat?

Acne: If you suffer from Acne we have the perfect treatments for you. As the degree of Acne varies so does the treatments, from simple home-care products to medical treatments performed by out Doctor. The first step is a complimentary skin analysis to assess the acne.

Ageing: We offer a range of treatments to both prevent and treat ageing. Radio Frequency firms and tightens skin whilst also stimulating new collagen, Medical needling  plump’s out fine and deep lines, IPL and peels will remove dead dull skin, pigmentation and broken capillaries associated with ageing. Our cosmeceutical products will help maintain these products

Sun damaged Skin: Rejuvenation and resurfacing of the skin as a result of sun damage and can be corrected and dramatically improved with compliance to the treatment regime and refraining from intense sun exposure. Skin damaged by the sun is treated by IPL and peels to stimulate the healing and regenerative properties of collagen and elastin below the skin surface.

Facial Redness: Flushing or broken thread veins can be treated effectively by IPL. The redness is significantly reduced or ceased leaving you with a face that you want to show without embarrassment and superficial capillaries caused by the flushing, is treated instantaneously. Laser treatments are an advanced non-invasive treatment to clear thread, spider, facial and broken veins.

Rosacea: Broken veins or capillaries on the skin surface or just below are extremely common and can cause embarrassment and require camouflage makeup. Our range of treatments can be used to break down the vessel walls and reduce the visible effect of the blemishes on the skin surface associated with Rosacea

Age Spots: Brown age spots or discoloured skin pigmentation can be reduced to reveal a younger more even skin tone to improve your visual image and confidence. Age spots on the hands can also be treated.





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